July 26, 2010

It's poker time

Listen up!

Pokker- see kaasahaarav ja huvitav mäng, mis on nii populaarseks muutunud. Kui veel mõned aastad tagasi võis öelda, et mehed valitsesid pokkerit, on olukord muutumas ning nii mitmedki naised on laineid löömas.

Mida on aga vaja edukaks mänguks? Tasakaalukus, analüüsioskus, tarmukus- omadussõnad iseloomustamaks õrnema soo mängustiili. Julgus (võibolla ehk liigne? :D), agressiivsus, riskialtimad- nii mõnigi meesterahvas tunneb ära ehk enda. Tegelikkuses tuleb osata neid ühendada, et saavutada parim tulemus.

Kes teist veel ei oska pokkerit, kuid tahaksid kindlasti proovida? No kui te hetekel ei tunne soovi laudade taga lammutada, siis ma usun, et peale järgnevaid postitusi, muudate oma meelt ;).

Mina olen siin, et tuua rohkem naisi pokkerimaailma ;). Jagan teiega rõõmsaid ja kurbi hetki, põnevaid uudiseid ja palju palju muud. Elame koos kaasa Eesti (nais) mängijate arengule pokkerimaailmas.

[btw, mehed on ikka teretulnud, sest kellele me muidu pähe teha saame ;D?]


Poker- this binding and interesting game, which in recent years has become so popular. When few years ago you could say that men ruled poker, then now the tendencies has definetly shifted and women are taking part of the action as well.

But what to you need to be successful? To be even-tempered, analytical, calm - adjectives to characterize woman's behavior behind the table. Opposite to aggressiveness and eagerness to take risks, which describe men. In reality you have to combine it all to achive the best result.

So, is there anyone who doesn't know how to play, but would like to? Well, let me know, cause there's always a need for new woman pokerplayers :). And if you're not tempted yet, i believe that you will be after following this blog. You will see how fun it can be to be involved with poker.

I am here to help bring more women into the world of poker. I will share with you all the great (and not so great :D) moments, exciting news and lots more. I hope to gain your attention and comments on the following posts. Hope to get some interaction of you, since it's more fun to have other women to discuss poker ;).


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