January 28, 2013

Eesti meistrivõistlused 2013!!!

Sellel aastal on meistrikad minu jaoks eriti oodatud!! Ei jõua ära oodata, millal saan laua taha istuda ja enda mängu näidata :). Tunnen, et mul on vaja midagi tõestada..peab õnnestuma seekord!

2013. aasta pokkerimeistrid selguvad märtsis.

Mina üritan osa võtta:

  • Rahvaturniir
  • Main event
  • PLO
  • Ladies event
  • Segapaarismäng



See you there ;)!

Sviten Special

Ilusat jätkuvat talveeeee! :)

According to Google: The Greatest Poker Game Ever: Sviten Special.

Millised on teie kogemused selle mänguga? :)

Mina olen seda mänginud kaks korda. Esimene kord ei saanud mitte midagi aru, teine kord...no see oli üks lõbusamaid mänge.. Mina ei olnud sellest mängust varem kuulnud..kuidas on teiste Eesti pokkerimängijatega? On teil sellega kokkupuuteid, halbu/häid? 

Here are the rules:
The blinds and button all function the same as Omaha (or Hold'em). If you don't know what that means you should head to the rules section before you read on.
Each player is dealt five cards (all face down), and the first betting round ensues.
Just like Omaha, this game is typically played as a Pot-Limit game, since the action is already degenerate enough without allowing over-pot ships; I'd recommend you only play it as so.
After the completion of the first betting round a standard 3-card flop is dealt, (so far we're just playing 5-card Omaha).
Once that betting round is complete, each player must "lock in" the total number of cards they wish to exchange. Players are allowed to keep all cards (stand pat) or exchange up to all five (assuming you're playing with five or less players. With six or seven players you must limit the draw round to three cards per player). There is only one draw, so choose wisely.
Players announce the number of cards they would like to exchange (separating them from their hand so that they can't be changed after announcing) in the standard betting order. This means the button will always be the last player to lock in.
Once all players have locked in, the dealer deals new cards to all players, just like in standard 5-card draw.
The Draw Twist - Just to make things more fun, there's a little twist to the draw portion of the hand. If you choose to exchange only one card, the dealer will turn over the top card of the deck, letting all players see that one card. You have the choice to take that card, or receive the next card in the deck face down.
Once all players have received their new cards,the flop betting round begins.
Once the betting round is over the turn is dealt. The game functions the same as Omaha from this point on, until the showdown.
At the showdown the player with the best Omaha hand (2 cards from their hand, 3 from the board) wins half the pot, and the player with the best draw hand (all five cards from their hand) wins the second half.
Wash rinse repeat.

Let me know ;)!